Monday, June 2, 2014

EJB 3.1 Interceptors

Interceptors implementation can be found where @AroundInvoke annotation is declared. The @Interceptors annotation should be used to say where it could be found the interceptor(s) implementation and to where should be applied (could be at class level or method level).

The method where @AroundInvoke is applied, should have the following signature:
Object <METHOD>(InvocationContext) throws Exception

The @AroundInvoke method should contain a invocationContext.proceed() invocation, in order to allow the execution chain to go on.

A default interceptor can be declared (only at the deployment descriptor file):

The default interceptor can be disabled, at the class or method level, using the @javax.interceptor.ExcludeDefaultInterceptors
The class interceptor can be disabled, at the method level, using the @javax.interceptor.ExcludeClassInterceptors

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