Monday, November 24, 2014

Wiki Markup language in Atlassian Crucible

Atlassian Crucible is a collaborative peer code review tool, where you can leave comments about reviews created based on some commited code.
It allows the development teams to catch major defects, improve code architecture, and discuss desired improvements, without the need for meetings. With FishEye, it lets you view the contents of your Source Code Management (SCM) repositories in your web browser.

And, it supports integration with Jira, which is a very important thing about these collaborative tools. Integration is the key for a better handling.

The Crucible documentation, the FishEye documentation and the Jira documentation can be found at the Atlassian Documentation page.

Did you know that you can use Wiki Markup in Crucible, just like for incorporating some code block in the comments? Check out this Crucible Help page about the Wiki Markup and learn how it can be used.

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