Monday, December 15, 2014

IntelliJ shortcuts

I'm using IDE IntelliJ for the first time. Until now, my favorite IDE is Eclipse. Why am I trying IntelliJ? Because everyone that uses it says that it is much better than Eclipse. So, I'm trying it to see for my self.

First of all, I've downloaded the IntelliJ Community Edition, and after running it and setting up my Project, I'm faced with a new challenge: so, what shortcuts should I use?

IntelliJ welcomes me with a few shortcut:

IntelliJ shortcuts

  • Search Everywhere with Double Shift
  • Open a file by name with Ctr + Shift + N
  • Open Recent Files with Ctrl + E
  • Open Naviagtion Bar with Alt + Home
  • Drag and Drop file(s) here from Explorer

(I' ll adding useful shortcuts as long as I discover them)

Which IDE do you prefer? Eclipse? IntelliJ? Some other? Why?

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